Studio set ups
Dollar bird (2018) Acrylic on wood panel

Katie Chancellor is a contemporary artist based in the heritage city of Ballarat in regional Victoria. 

Katie’s practice brings joy, vibrancy and colour to brighten people’s lives through the creation of her imaginative and whimsical artwork.

Katie’s memories of growing up on a large sheep and cattle farm in the rolling hills of Alexandra still hold a special place in her heart. A childhood immersed in nature captivated Katie’s imagination from an early age. In particular, the abundance of native flora, fauna and other mysterious creatures that lived on the farm and in the surrounding bush land. 

Many days were spent cantering across the paddocks on her trusty horse to visit her Grandparent’s, who lived just a few paddocks away. Nanny Phyl was a great lover of all things whimsical, and together the two would spend hours delving through her Nan’s trinket cabinet of miniature china animals. Katie and her Nan also shared a great love of birds, often sitting out on the back verandah in the sun watching the wrens hopping along the lawn, or the rosella’s darting across garden. Observing the birds was a magical pastime, admiring different species, identifying calls and referencing sightings in the beloved classic book, ‘What bird is that?’ Sometimes they’d even make up names, characters and stories for the birds, chortling away with their cups of tea like two fan tailed cuckoos. 

After moving from the country for suburbia in her early twenties, Katie built a career in the health industry. Still her creative spark was never far away. During those days of city living, Katie and her brother Will started to notice the ever evolving Melbourne street art scene during their commutes to the office. Inspiration had struck, and soon enough they formed the sibling duo Swift and Ctrl V, creating colourful creature paste ups reminiscent of the animals that surrounded them on the farm.

After completing post graduate studies in Visual Arts at the VCA in 2016, Katie relocated from Melbourne to the beautiful heritage city of Ballarat with her husband John and labrador Nugget Chops Chancellor Wigg. They now have a beautiful son George, born in July 2020 in the middle of the pandemic and a gorgeous little daughter Rose born in June 2022. 

Katie’s creative practice has now evolved into colourful acrylic birds and creatures painted on wood panels, symbolic of her treasured memories with her Grandmother birdwatching from the verandah. Reminiscent of a paste up, every bird has it’s own character; each carefully jig-sawed out and set free with it’s own totem message for the world. 

Katie spent an amazing twelve months in her Ballarat CBD studio and shop thanks to the Ballarat Evolve program. She now works from her home studio selling pieces via her online shop and various other local retailers and galleries. 

Website: http://www.katiechancellor.com

Instagram: @katie_chancellor