(Flashback!) PAINT! – Ruffian Gallery, Footscray thanks to Melbourne Arts Club

5th September 2014

One of my favourite all time art memories was getting the opportunity to paint and paste up this crazy mural at Ruffian Gallery, Footscray. Thanks to Melbourne Arts Club, my brother CTRL V and I were invited to take part in this rad painting sesh in the lead up to the PAINT exhibition opening night. The whole painting saga was captured on camera by the amazingly talented crew at Platform Eight.  I remember on the night of painting, both CTRL V and I felt a bit daunted by the camera crew…and had absolutely no plan of what we were going to paint alongside the previously created paste up of Mr Sloth. Still we carried on, recalling our motto, “It is better to risk and stuff up than risk nothing, and go home with a full bottle of glue.” This mural was created straight from the heart, purely imaginative, haphazard and with an element of stage fright. I will cherish this film of creating alongside CTRL V during our paste up era. I hope you enjoy it too!

Long Gully

GCVA Grad Show 2016 Film Project


Uncle Tom’s Film & Other Gems

Old Family Film project, December 2016.

Great Uncle Tom lived in an old house at his farm on the outskirts of Beaufort. He had a pet possum, steam engines, sailing yachts, motor bikes, aeroplanes and lots of other treasures. He was the cutest elderly man, with shining bright blue eyes and a button nose. He had a musical ring to his voice, radiated kindness and seemed genuinely excited by the world around him. I remember him when I was a little girl during the 80’s before he passed away. He was like a whimsical magician crossed with a farming engineer.

He also made films.

During my studies at the VCA last year I became quite fascinated with old film, my major project ‘Long Gully’ comprising of footage from the 1980s taken by my Grandfather Dava. The footage (in the top clip) is mostly of our old farm in Alexandra. When Mum told me about some old film taken by Uncle Tom during the 50’s I knew I had to find it.

Recently my partner John and I have been in the thick of wedding planning. I have always loved it at weddings when couple’s display photos of their ancestors on their wedding day. When I started thinking about doing this for our wedding, the idea of using Uncle Tom’s film came to me; especially because his film captures and concludes with the only imagery I’ve ever seen of my late Grandmother Nanny Aileen on her wedding day. Although the film is grainy, she is still there; walking toward the Little Flower church in Ballarat to marry her John.

The process of collecting, gathering and weaving these alluring old wedding photos into film has been like sewing together a kind of virtual quilt of old romance and memory. I imagine Great Uncle Tom would approve of dusting off the old film and giving it a burl on the 18th February 2017, our wedding day. I reckon he’d say it’s a bit like stumbling across hidden gems covered in dust, giving them a quick polish and holding them up to the light.